Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Media Scan Bangalore

Media Scan: new magazine
Media Scan is a monthly magazine launched in August 2009 from Bangalore. Editor is M. I. Qasimi and Publisher M.A. Raheem.

Editorial of the first issues says:

It is an endeavour by journalists and other professional committed to make a positive impact in the Indian society. We have no allegiance whatsoever- - political, commercial, religious, regional, casteism, or otherwise.

With the first copy of MEDIASCAN we are happy to welcome you to join hands in our pursuit of TRUTH. No breaking news, exclusive stories, journalistic coups, and sting-operations- which often land us in the valley of wildreness.

But towards the end the editorial board writes:

There will be thought provoking columns, breaking news, exclusive stories, and exciting features- all adorned facts.

So, within a span of two paragraphs, the magazine breaks its own promise of not doing breaking news and exclusive stories.

Anyway, the magazine is published in all color with good quality paper and so far the best production among all Muslim magazines. Articles are OK but not outstanding. A number of ads are there but not overwhelming like the Islamic Voice.

Subscription: Rs.200/ year; Rs. 20/issue.

No. 2, 2nd Cross
Artillery Road, Ulsoor
Bangalore 560 008

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