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Mallick are descendants of Ibrahim Mallick Baya or Bayyo was an eminent military general and a famous Sufi/ Sant of the 14th Century A.D. He was the 7th descendent of Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rahmatullah Allaih, RA). He conquered the state of Bihar and was appointed Governor of Bihar by Sultan Mohammad son of Tughlaq. He was given the coveted title of Mallick by the Sultan and became famous as Mallick Biya. On account of this honor, his descendents carried this title and today 600 years later are still distinctly connected with him and recognized as the Mallicks of Bihar. At the time of Sultan Mohammad Tughlaq (1290 AD-1351 AD), General, Syed Ibrahim, selected for Bihar to maintain Law and order. After a fierce battle, the Raja was killed and his army was defeated. The conquest of Bihar was a remarkable achievement, and on this occasion, the Sultan conferred upon Syed Ibrahim the title of “Madarul Mulk Mallick Saif wa Daulat” The tomb of Syed Ibrahim is located in Biharsharif, at the hilltop of Pir Pahari. The tomb is strange structures of a rare quality of bricks, which have survive the ravages of time and the harsh devastation of climate for the last 600 years. After 600 years, the structure stands as if it were built in recent decade. Besides Mallick Biya’s tomb, there are 10 graves of his sons and grandson inside the dome. The descendants of the eight children of Mallick Biya multiplied over 600 years and constituted a significant portion of the Muslim Community in Bihar. LET THE BEST HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE, LET THE BEST GUIDE YOU, LET THE BEST SERVE YOU, LET THE BEST TEAM BACK YOU !! Affirmation: Mallick Tanzeem Network yahoo groups is not supporting any illegitimate activities and respects law of the nation and residing land.
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