Thursday, December 17, 2009

The History of the Mallick Family

Mr. Mohammad Hussain Imam has written a book “The History of the Mallick Family “in English for the benefit of our children and future progeny born and raised outside the state of Bihar in India.
The book is now available and you can order a copy by sending a check of $10.00 for the book $2.50 for S&H at the following address:
Mohammad H. Imam, 1516 Coat Ridge Road, Herndon, VA 20170-2726.
The book is divided in three major sections. The first section includes the history of Syed Ibrahim, Mallick Biya and his descendents, military expeditions of Syed Ihrahim, historical backgrounds of Mallicks in Bihar, family tree of Mallicks, folk songs (Ghum) and epics. The second part is consisting of the brief biographies of the prominent stars of the Mallick family. These two sections have been completed except for a few necessary updates. The third section will be the description of the villages in Bihar where Mallicks used to live or are still living in the State of Bihar.
The descendants of the eight children of Mallick Biya multiplied over 600 years and constituted a significant portion of the Muslim Community in Bihar. The Muslim population of Bihar was around 13% before the partition of India in 1947. At that time, Mallicks constituted about 25% of the Muslim population of Bihar, mostly concentrated in the villages and towns in the Districts of Patna, Gaya, Shahabad (Arrah) and Monghyr.
After the division of India, a great number of Mallick families migrated to Pakistan and Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) and some of these villages may not have now a single Mallick family there. However, the names of these villages are still of historical importance and for the purpose of record and identification of the Mallicks whose forefathers hailed from these villages. In recent years, a number of Mallicks have migrated and settled to the USA, Canada, European countries and to the Middle East for higher education and for economic reasons. It is most essential to keep track of these families.
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Syed Ibrahim Mallick Biya was a distinguished military general and a famous Sufi of the 14th Century A.D. He was the 7th descendent of Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rahmatullah Allaih, RA). He conquered the state of Bihar and was appointed Governor of Bihar by Sultan Mohammad son of Tughlaq. He was given the coveted title of Mallick by the Sultan and became famous as Mallick Biya. On account of this honor, his descendents carried this title and today 600 years later are still distinctly connected.

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